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20 August 2017
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    Thank You for this.

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    This is very awesome. I am a firm believer in the power of our brains to affect our entire body. I have been teaching some of this to my clients and it works. I look forward to reading more of your work.Thanks

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    Cheers, great stuff, Me enjoying.

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    Hehe, jeg håper virkelig ikke at du ble sint, irritert eller lei når jeg skrev det, Anine. Jeg syns det bare er morsomt at jeg faktisk har drømt om deg to netter! Det må jo være gøy for deg å høre, har jeg tenkt. Og må jo være litt at målet med å ha en blogg, nettopp å ha påvirning på lesernes liv? Nei, ikke vet jeg. Jeg kan godt slutte å kommentere altså. Ina

  • Sunday, 20 August 2017

    DDK14 · First she complain that the shoes are given to the poor, then she opines because the people he gives them to arent poor enough or arent the right kind of poor.When my wife volunteered in Haiti she saw women working, walking through filthy, sewage ridden streets with flip-flops that had been worn almost to the balls of their feet. She also saw others who were actually wearing TOMS. Now, if TOMS were the only group helping, then this could be a problem. This is just nitpicking. Or more accurately witch-hunting.

  • Sarah Sarah Sunday, 20 August 2017

    Ok,? Leе mentioned ater which he stoppeⅾ and thought.
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    10cרעיון אדיר!!מה קורה בחודשי הקיץ? במיוחד בבאר שבע,אתה ממלא את המיכל התחתון פעם אחת ופשוט נותן לצמח לרוץ ככה במשך חצי שנה בלי תוספת השקייה?21

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    After reading many of your blogposts I staleness say i launch this fact one to mostly be top notch. I soul a weblog also and require to repost a few shears of your articles on my own diary site. Should it be alright if I use this as eternal I own testimonial your web blog or create a inward unification to your article I procured the snipping from? If not I realise and could not do it without having your tolerance . I change accumulation scarred this article to sound and zynga calculate intended for remark. Anyway realize it either way!

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    "Bouchard argued that comparing a democratically elected leader to a dictator who systematically murdered millions is completely unacceptable."That's one of modern society's problems. Speaking in public is like walking a mine field and someone is just waiting for you to make one politically incorrect mis-step. I learned my vocabulary (e.g. Knucklehead F____rs) while in uniform in places like southern Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, among others. Not exactly finishing school. I figure if people interpret my words as insulting, that really isn't my issue, it's theirs. db

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    merci pour ce petit exposé qui est très proche des thèmes de ce blog. en effet on gouverne au centre, c’était pourquoi j’avais voté Bayrou autant avoir l’original plutôt qu’une copie avec Royal.Cependant pour que le peuple se révolte il faut qu’il crève… mais point trop car sans plus de lumière ni d’énergie il ne bouge pas plus. Normalement nous sommes dans la bonne « configuration »

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